“They are best!  I have been with this company since the beginning. They care about our concerns and do their very best to take care of any issues I may have. They are like family to us and they treat us like family. Thank you for keeping my home bug free!” – Tammy from San Bernardino.

“This company is effective, knowledgeable, friendly and solved my problems quickly. They are very professional and I would highly recommend them! Very satisfied, thank you.”  – Marisol, from Pinion Hills.

 ” I recommend that if you want to get rid of your pest you call Echego Pest Control. great customer service excellent quality of care.”   – Raymundo, from Victorville.

“First off I’m the type of guy that will just go to Home Depot and grab a bottle of home defense and spread around my house…. well, let’s just say I was wrong the whole time. I had the guys from Echego come out and spray around my house about a month ago and I literally haven’t seen one bug in my house since they came out. Before they came out, it was an every day battle with ants in my house. Hands down the best pest control company in the high desert and highly recommended.”  – Don, from Victorville.

“We used Echego Pest Control for the first time recently. I want to report to all of you that after Echego Pest Control came we are ant free! I could not be happier! We had tons of black widows around the outside of our home and they are gone as well! I feel like I have a literal barrier around my house now that keeps anything and everything unwanted away. Echego Pest Control is very professional, positive, upbeat, and you don’t feel uncomfortable with them in your home! They come on time, work fast and I loved how friendly our “bug guy” Ruben was! Ask for him if you can, you will not be disappointed! Thanks again Echego Pest Control for such a phenomenal experience.”  – Ivy, from Oak Hills.