We were recently interviewed by an online paper for local small businesses. Here’s what they had to say:

“The High Desert holds its own special appeal for many people, far different from other geographical communities.  But for those of us who live here, the unique characteristics of the desert’s pest and critter populations may not be so welcome, or even tolerable.  We live among ant colonies that go on for miles, endless spider invasions, scorpions, centipedes, that most suburban residents never deal with. Pest control here is different.  When my family moved to “the desert” we quickly saw the need for a pest control service.  We hired and fired many. We tried to handle it ourselves. Not until we found ECHEGO Pest Control were we anywhere near satisfied with the service, and now we wouldn’t think of using anyone else.

I had a chance to sit with the family recently, to chat about their story, and learned exactly why this company is so loved and respected. 

Echego Pest Control  is a family owned and operated exterminator service, with over 40 years of combined experience. Owner Ruben Echegoyen, Sr., has made it a mission to maintain his own personal high standards in every area of his business from start to finish.  Growing up on a farm in rural El Salvador, he learned at an early age that diligence and hard work were a necessity.  He brought that work ethic with him when he emigrated to the U.S. as a young man, and continued it as a high school student in the chaotic City of Los Angeles. 

He landed, somewhat accidentally, into the exterminator business, where he learned his trade, and the art of pest control.  Not everyone he worked with took the education as seriously as he, but early on he realized the importance of the proper and safe use of the substances he was applying, and of the techniques necessary for control of the pests he combatted.

Before long, Ruben married his high school sweetheart, Cecile, and began to prepare for his future with her, and for raising a family together.  The decision was made to branch out and start his own company y, and he has never looked back.   

First to answer the phone, his customers have always been his priority.  He listened not only to their pest concerns, but also got to know them on a very personal level. They became his family.  It’s no surprise that he is able to say with pride: “I only lose customers in two ways- either they move away, or they pass away.”

In an effort to share his personal and work ethic with his sons, as they came along, he insisted they join him on his routes, where they would spend their weekends watching Dad tending to each client as a personal friend, not only ridding their homes of bothersome pests, but helping with other needs, as well. “I’ve cried with clients who have lost loved ones, prayed with them when they felt hopeless or alone, helped some of my more elderly customers with heavy lifting, or just pitching in where I could, when I saw the need.”

And it has paid off. Echego Pest Control has grown! Sons Ruben Jr. and Jacob have now joined their father in the family business.  Ruben Jr. services the High Desert, and Jacob works with his father tending to the customers “down the hill” in the communities of Devore/ Glen Helen, Riverside, Loma Linda, Redlands, Rialto, Fontana, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga.  On a specific day each month, the clients for the entire day consist of only family members of one of their original clients, Grandparents/ Aunts/ Cousins/ Brothers, all in Rialto. “I’ve been blessed to never have advertised for my business, we have found new clients only through referrals”, says Ruben Sr.

The boys continue their father’s example by studying continually, always adding to their knowledge of the business, safety concerns, and ways to better service their customers. They see the very real importance in keeping current with all the changes in environmental laws and new and changing procedures, in order to more safely and effectively address their clients’ needs.

Echego has nothing but 5 star reviews, and there’s no question why.

For all your pest control needs, consider giving the “Bug Guys With Ties” a call.”

Article/Interview:  V. Palm